Here’s a fun game to play with your dog which also reinforces the “come” command…Come Game: You call your dog while another person “hides” just around the corner or couch. After he comes to you, you tell your friend he’s ready, and she calls him. Your dog will look around and think “where’d she go?” and run off to find her… A fun game of hide and seek!


You then hide somewhere else while your dog is finding your friend.


Make it very easy at first – just around a corner, etc. Once he’s good at this, then you can add difficulty – behind doors, in closets, in the shower. And, then, even take it outside.


No cookies are needed here. If the dog is energetic enough, he should love running around and finding you. If needed, you can coax him with a toy or cookie at first, but do not rely on treats. Finding you will be your dog’s reward!


The Come Command