The Importance of Crate Training
Can your dog easily go into and relax in a crate?

Another SIP Dog Training Challenge!


the importance of crate training


Some people tell me they feel bad for using a crate with their dog. But it is actually a good and important ability!


In fact, SF Dog Connect by The Pooch Coach Dog Training suggests to all our clients that they train their dogs to be comfortable in crates. Otherwise, if there is an urgent situation requiring crating – e.g. a long drive or flight, a hospital stay, or a way to offer your dog respite from children or partiers – you don’t want your dog to panic and struggle on top of the stress of the situation. A crate should simply mean “lie down and relax”!


Even though Musik Ulbrich hasn’t been in a crate for several months now, when I brought a crate out (not even her regular crate!), she quickly follows my command to get in, and lies down and relaxes. This should be the goal with your dog as well.


Here’s how you go about establishing the crate as your dog’s friend. This article explains how to teach your dog to get into a crate and be comfortable: