Teach the off command… It could save your dog’s life!


the off command

Dogs can get into and on the strangest things!


Dogs need a command that means “get away”, “don’t eat that” or “don’t go there”. They should know to immediately respond and back off of the person, dog, or object they are approaching or sniffing.


This is a life-saving command that ensures your dog won’t eat something deadly on a walk or dropped on the floor. It will also keep them from approaching an unfriendly animal (coyote, raccoon, skunk, or snarling dog) that might harm them.


I saved my dog’s life by telling her to stay off of a portuguese man-o-war that had washed up on the beach.  It looked like a ball, so she was about to try to pick it up with her mouth when I yelled off, and she jumped away.  Had she not known the command, she would have bitten into it and died from the poison.


This is a 20 second video that shows Kompis exploring a gopher hole (her prey drive in full swing) and then, when I tell her to get off, she jumps away immediately.



The off command is easily taught in a few minutes, and also easily practiced every day by using your food and other temptations you come across. Make sure your dog has mastered it!


Here is another example of my dog staying off of food… and at the time she was going blind & senile. 🙁



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