Beverly Ulbrich The Pooch Coach Retirement




After over 20 years of being a full-time canine behaviorist, Beverly Ulbrich, “The Pooch Coach”, is starting to plan for retirement from dog training. Instead, Beverly will be focusing more on her film, advertising, and video work with dog actors and models. (Particularly with her dog, Musik.)


Towards that end, she is going to begin to cut back on taking on new dog training and behavior modification clients. Existing clients will continue to be her priority and everyone will be able to finish out their contracts with absolutely no interruptions or issues. However, it will be a bit harder for potential new clients to get on her calendar.  Starting in 2023, we are only going to take on cases that we feel are the best fit for both Beverly and the client. Of course she will still try to help people whenever she can, but she needs to start backing off so she can have a little more free time and get a little more respite from working with anxious and aggressive dogs (and people!) all day.


Dog behavior and training work can be very rewarding, but it can also be heartbreaking and frustrating. Seeing all these dogs who have been mistreated (whether it was in the past and/or currently) takes its toll. In addition, more clients seem less willing to read and follow instructions than ever before. A dog’s behavior won’t improve if the owners don’t follow Beverly’s directions and work regularly with their dog. It has been increasingly frustrating and exhausting for Beverly to deal with clients who blame everything and everyone but themselves for their dog’s lack of progress, when they have been unwilling to put in the time and work needed to see real improvements. This has caused Beverly to reassess how hard she wants to work and which clients she will accept so that she can take better self-care.


So for those clients who want to work hard, take ownership of their problems, and follow directions, we continue to welcome you! For prospective clients, know that almost all solutions require dedication from you. You must be up to the task and do the work, or you’re not going to get the results you want. And Beverly is no longer going to beat her head against the wall watching people struggle and complain. And hopefully this means less heartbreak in The Pooch Coach’s life by seeing fewer sad and confused dogs with their weak and often skill-less guardians who really shouldn’t have the honor of living with a dog. (There. We said it.)


So in conclusion, The Pooch Coach is going to continue to keep up with our social media and existing clients… and she’ll still add on a few new clients over the next year or so. Beverly and Musik definitely plan to do much more film and television work! So keep watching for fun ads and films coming out of that partnership.


Happy training to all. May dog be with you!


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