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The Pooch Coach recommends

Dog Food & Treats:

The Farmer’s Dog

healthy dog food and treats

A smarter,
healthier pet food.
Real food • Made fresh • Delivered

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Charlee Bear Treats

The Pooch Coach Recommends

Great low cost, healthy, low cal treats for every day training.


Jiminy’s Treats

Jiminys Treats for Pets

Musik with Jiminy’s Founder

Yep, cricket treats.  The new sustainable superfood. And now they have cricket dog FOOD too!

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Wiley’s Treats by Ecopawz 

wiley's treats by ecopawz

Musik likes ALL the varieties of Wiley’s Treats!

Wiley’s Treats offers high protein, limited ingredient, human-grade meat treats for dogs.

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Dog Rescues:

Here are The Pooch Coach’s favorite SF Bay Area Dog Rescue Groups

Rocket Dog Rescue

The Pooch Coach Recommends rocket dog rescue

Over 20 years saving dogs in the SF Bay Area, and over 7,500 dogs have found happy homes.  The Pooch Coach has been a long time volunteer with foster care & training and was on their Board of Directors for 10 years.

Doggie Protective Services

doggie protective services

DPS has been saving the lives of hundreds of dogs from LA to SF.  The Pooch Coach has worked with several of their adopters and helped create their training page.

Dog Services:

Dog Walkers

Oakland Dog Walker

Rich Henry Oakland Dog Walker

Rich Henry was a great client of mine who learned quickly and trained his dog well. He loves dogs and will take excellent care of yours! I recommend him to anyone needing dog walking services in the East Bay.

Veterinarians and Health Care

Lotus Veterinary House Calls

Lotus Veterinary House Calls

Lotus Veterinary believes in integrating Western medicine and surgery with acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and nutrition. A truly holistic approach to your pet’s care involves incorporating multiple treatment modalities, and choosing the combination that is most appropriate for the individual animal.


Fetch by The Dodo Health Insurance

Fetch Pet Insurance

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Fetch by The Dodo is the only pet insurance recommended by the #1 animal brand in the world, The Dodo. Pet insurance is becoming a necessity for most people these days.  The rising cost of veterinary care has caused many people to have to part with their beloved pets.  Don’t let price get in the way of your dog’s health!  Get insured today!  The Pooch Coach uses Fetch by The Dodo for her new puppy, and has been very happy with their services.


Dog Products:


DOGTV - television for dogs The Pooch Coach Dog Training

TV’s first network for canines, DOGTV offers a promise to our beloved best friends that they should never again feel alone. DOGTV provides television for dogs as a 24/7 digital TV channel with dog – friendly programing scientifically developed to provide the right company for dogs when left alone.


Whistle has been called “a fitbit for dogs”.
It’s a great way to keep track of your dog’s activity level & exercise – whether he’s with you, home alone, or with his walker.
It also includes GPS tracking, which tracks where your dog has been, and helps you locate your pup if he goes missing.

whistle track your pet with GPS pet trackerwhistle goHappy Tails Canine Adventure Tours

Happy Tails Canine Adventure Tours


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