trading a dog for a child

Lucky is about 4 yrs old. She’s believed to be an Australian Cattle and Norfolk Terrier mix. Her parents rescued her earlier this year from a shelter, where they said she was given up by a couple who were having a baby.


UGH! Why do people insist on giving up dogs because they are having children? It disgusts me.


Here’s the thing… If you can’t raise a dog, then why do you believe you’re prepared to raise a child?


I’ve had so many pregnant couples come to me over the years to get their dog trained in time for the baby’s arrival, which I applaud.  The funny thing is, after meeting with me, they realize that it was their lack of training (skills) that brought them here.  So, they begin to panic and say “if we can’t agree on and enforce rules for our dog, how are we going to do that for our child?”. So they end up hiring me to teach them parenting skills that they learn through their dog, and then can pass onto their child.


THAT’S how it’s done.


Think it isn’t similar to raise a dog and a child?  See my comparison of behaviors, manners and skills and what we need to teach both dogs and children here


I’m so glad Lucky has found a good home with people who are willing to work with her and her idiosyncrasies. That’s good parenting!

children and dogs

Lucky’s lucky to have her new home!