Many people do not realize that you often need to train a dog to walk down stairs.  Steps do not occur in nature, after all.  Plus, some steps are slippery or have big spaces in them.  Some are just very, very steep.


Train a dog to walk down stairs


So, if you have a new puppy or a rescue dog who hasn’t seen steps before, here’s a simple way to train them.


Going down.

Instead of trying to pull or push your dog down a huge flight of steps, start with just the bottom step and lure him off (you can use a toy or cookie to help if needed).  Once he’s done that a few times, go to the 2nd step and coax him down 2 steps to the ground.  Keep moving slowly up until he’s mastered the whole staircase.   It might take a few days if the dog is very young or scared or if your staircase is large.


Going up.

Similarly, your dog needs to conquer these in small steps (pun intended).  Carry him up and just put him on the 2nd to top step and lure him up to the top.  Once he’s comfortable, then start with the step that’s 3rd to the top.  Keep slowly building until he’s mastered the whole staircase.

train a dog to go up steps

Steps can seem scary to a little dog!


Once your dog does do the entire staircase by himself, you’ll see he’s happy and proud.  Just like children, they love learning new responsibilities and winning challenges.


Note:  You might have to do this over again for new staircases at first.  Just because he’s tackled your front steps, doesn’t mean he’ll know how to do the new ones at the park.  So, be patient.  Eventually, he’ll master all types of steps, and he’ll be a “stair master”! (Yep, one more pun).


train a dog to go down steps

A Stair Master!