Train your dog like a child.

If you had a 4 or 5 year old child, would these things be OK?

Train Your Dog like a Child


– He grabs & eats food (or things that look like food) whenever he sees it, even from other people’s plates and off the sidewalk.

– She doesn’t understand that the street is dangerous and tries to run into it every time you’re not holding her hand.

– When he sees a bike, skateboard or dog, he starts screaming and wanting to attack it.


– You have to ask your child to go to bed 4 times and then finally bribe her with a cookie to get her to go.

– He demands attention whenever and however he wants by throwing a noisy fit or pulling your sleeve,

– She lashes out in anger when you take her plate away.

– He jumps on household guests as soon as they come through the door.


– Your child runs away from anyone entering your home… Or yells at guests and threatens to hit them.

– He stayed in the house until he was 6 and never met other children or animals.

– You constantly give your child gifts for no reason and never teach her to do any chores, or the value of money, or the feeling of pride for working to get something you really want.


– His only sports or exercise is playing in the house or yard.

– When he doesn’t play a game or sport correctly the first time, you just assume he’s not good at it and never try again, or think he’ll just suddenly figure it out on his own one day if he occasionally has a chance.

– She never learns to read, write, do math or speak proper English.


These are all things people often allow with their dogs.


And most people do not realize that this list can and should apply to dogs.


Dogs have similar capacities and needs, and similar behavior issues.

You love your dog.

You want her to be safe and well mannered.


If your dog isn’t an “A” student, contact us and we’ll make sure your furry child is the best they can be!


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