Another shelter-in-place challenge for you and your dog.

TRY SEEING THINGS FROM YOUR DOG’S PERSPECTIVE.One of the simplest things people can do to make dog training easier on themselves and their dogs is to understand where your dog is coming from. Most people think that a dog should respond as a human would, and they even mistakenly think their dog is trying to “get even” with them, and other silly things that are the farthest thing from your dog’s mind.


If you take the time to sit back and think about how your dog would perceive the situation – given their lack of knowledge, language barriers, and limited reasoning ability, it’s usually quite different than you first thought… e.g. Dogs do not get cause and effect very easily. How many dogs have you seen choking as they pull on their leash because they do not understand that they are causing themselves to choke?


Here is an article that describes my training methodology which I call “empathic dog training(sm)“. The key is to really understand the why’s and how’s behind your dog’s actions, because that makes it much easier to address issues and fix them. Without really understanding what the problem is stemming from, it is almost impossible to find a solution other than a possible temporary “Band-Aid” quick fix that will ultimately fail.


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