Videos! Free Dog Training Tips &
Help with Common Canine Behavioral Issues.

Dog Training Tips – General tips & commands.

Training a dog or puppy to sit

How to Stop a Dog from Jumping on People

Life Saving Training - Teaching Your Dog Boundaries

Long distance commands for Save off Leash

Dog jumping over object

How to train a dog to "circle stay"

How to train a dog to settle (lie) down - anywhere

Leading your dog. Great advice for all dog parents.

Teaching your dog a basic stay

How to Walk Your Dog without Pulling or Lunging

How to train a dog to lay down without a hand motion

How to train a dog to drop any object

Ensure your dog can be found if he gets lost

How to train your dog to search for objects

The Pooch Coach introducing outdoor dog training

Educational levels for dogs. Examples of dog training levels you can reach

Behavioral Advice – Tips for common issues.

How to train a fearful dog to get over her fear of an object

Stop Dog Resource Guarding

How to teach a dog to sniff politely while on leash

Amazing transformation! Watch this shy dog learn to be petted

How teach your dog to allow being petted by strangers

Help for Dog on Dog Reaction or Aggression

Training Your Dog Not to Bark at People

Train a dog to "speak" and then they learn "no speak".

Testimonials – See what others have to say.

Testimonials from clients, SF Dog Owners Group, & More

People love The Pooch Coach's SF Dog Connector's Meetups

SF Vicious & Dangerous Dog Court Judge speaks about The Pooch Coach

Shy dog training testimonial from an SF Dog Connector's Meetup.

Entertainment – Just for fun!

Kompis bumps for Maggie Lawson! Adorable interaction in an LA green screen shoot.

Kompis performs an ALS Ice Bucket Challenge with DOGTV Founder.

Dog April Fools Joke. Watch the dog's reaction!!

The Pooch Coach training session with a dog for the film "The Love Effect"

Kompis & The Pooch Coach on Bravo's Below Deck playing joke on Captain.

Dog Looks for Monsters Under the Bed

Brother and sister schnauzers greeting

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