Introducing another great dog advocate.  Kompis & I were excited to try out her services! Heather Sanders, previous owner of “Wags ‘n Wellness”, is a canine holistic health specialist. She combines a warm, caring demeanor with a strong scientific background and training in canine nutrition, anatomy, and bodywork to help owners really understand what’s going on in their dogs’ bodies.


I was excited to find someone who looks at my dog from a different angle. In general, most vets just look for any obvious symptoms, recommend shots, etc. They also will recommend that you purchase special diet food from them, all of which is pretty low-end food full of fillers. Chiropractors and masseuses mostly focus on doing the body work and don’t always look at or (care to) know the big picture.


Having someone who, in addition to providing some body work, also looks at what my dog eats, what supplements she’s on, and how she “feels” – both physically and emotionally, is a perfect combination!

wags and wellness the pooch coach

Heather looking over all of Kompis’ supplements and food.

This first appointment was an initial consultation and hands-on session. Much of this visit was spent gathering additional information and history about my dog. It gave Kompis time to become comfortable with her presence before she attempted to work with her. Each dog (much like people) responds differently to the touch of a stranger and some relax more readily than others. We discussed her medical history, current symptoms, and my goals. She also did a gait analysis, physical assessment, and an acupressure session.

wags and wellness the pooch coach

First touch… Kompis is a bit stiff!

Animals are much more at ease when you arrive at their home as a “familiar face” and; hence, the follow-up is generally a more hands-on session, incorporating various forms of bodywork as is appropriate for your dog. The degree to which various modalities are incorporated into a session is tailored to the animal’s unique condition. So, in other words, Kompis should be getting a dog massage at our next appointment in a couple weeks. We’ll report back!

wags and wellness the pooch coach

Heather starts some acupressure, and Kompis seems fine with it.

Kompis finally relaxed after getting over her suspicion of needles being involved.

wags and wellness the pooch coach

Kompis relaxes into the bodywork.