Ways to Maintain Your Dog’s Dental Health

5 Hassle-Free Ways to Maintain Your Dog’s Dental Health


Ways to Maintain Your Dog's Dental Health

Musik getting used to her first toothbrush.  Wrong end, pup!


Dental health is often overlooked by many pet parents. That is, until it becomes a serious issue.


As a prudent dog owner, it’s your job to do your best to prevent health issues (like periodontal disease) before they cost you and your pet a lot of time and discomfort.


Luckily, dental health is one of the easiest things to maintain in dogs. A healthy diet can do wonders for their oral hygiene, but there are also a few more ways to quickly and efficiently keep your pup’s teeth clean and healthy.


[Editor’s Note from The Pooch Coach:  There is no real substitute for brushing your dog’s teeth.  However, we can certainly do other things to help further maintain your dog’s dental health.


Here is a short video on how to help your dog or puppy get used to a toothbrush:]




Here are five hassle-free Ways to Maintain Your Dog’s Dental Health:


  1. Try a Dental Water Additive


You might be wondering, “What on Earth is a dental water additive?”


A dental water additive is one of the easiest methods to prevent oral disease. It’s a solution that’s added to your dog’s water (usually each day or as recommended by a vet) that helps fight bacteria, break down plaque, and freshen breath.


Dental water additives are one of the most popular options when it comes to canine dental health, because they require a small amount of effort from the owner and the pup doesn’t realize the solution is there.


If your dog doesn’t like toothbrushes, a dental water additive could be the right choice.


  1. Dental Bones: Kill Two Birds With One Stone


Doggie dental bones are a favorite among many owners (and dogs).




Because they kill two birds with one stone. Your dog gets a tasty treat each day, and you know that your pet’s dental health is being maintained.


But how do they work?


As your dog chews on the bones, the chewing action helps loosen plaque and prevent it from building up. Many bones are also coated with a substance that helps maintain calcium on their teeth.


A lot of dental bones, like Bonies, are made with ingredients like peppermint and parsley to help freshen their breath as well.


ways to maintain your dog's dental health

Chewing is a great way to help your dog’s teeth stay clean.

  1. Dental Chews


Dental chews work similarly to dental bones. Dental chews are edible treats, and many are coated with enzymes that help break down tartar and remove plaque.


The enzymes also provide a preventative measure against further plaque and tartar buildup.


  1. Oral Gel


Oral gel is a powerful dental hygiene solution that can either be used to combat an oral health problem or maintain good oral health.


Oral gel does not need to be “brushed” in like toothpaste. It is applied and, when mixed with your pet’s saliva, spreads across the surface of your pet’s teeth and gums to protect them.


  1. Pet Dental Spray


Pet dental spray helps balance the chemistry in your pet’s mouth. It works by stimulating the enzymes that break down plaque and tartar.


What’s nice about this method is it can act as a spot treatment. If you notice excess buildup in an area of your pet’s mouth, you can spray directly on the area to treat it. Or you can spray more generally to treat all of your dog’s teeth and gums.


Over To You


Maintaining your dog’s dental health isn’t as big of a hassle as it sounds. Using one or more of these methods, you should able to keep your pet’s teeth clean, healthy, and disease-free.


Have you used any of these methods? How do you maintain your dog’s oral hygiene?


ways to maintain your dog's dental health

Electric toothbrushes can also work very well… once your dog gets over their suspicion!


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