we've tried everything


Dave recently relocated to the SF Bay Area with his adoptive parents. He started to exhibit some leash reactivity towards other dogs.


Being caring and conscientious dog parents, they have tried avoiding other dogs, treating Dave when he sees other dogs, and many other tactics that they’ve heard or read about. This is where “we have tried everything” comes in to play….


Although trying lots of different things seems like a good path at first, think again. By trying different things, you’re actually further confusing your dog!


Imagine trying things with your kids like saying “you have to go to bed at 8 PM”. Then, after a few nights of trying that, you suddenly announce, “stay up as late as you want”. Then, a few days later, “go to bed at 9:30”. The child would be lost!!!


So, on top of your dog being fearful or frustrated, etc., they are now thinking that their parents are confused and unpredictable too. 🙃


So, if your dog is demonstrating a behavior you’re concerned about, please see a professional and let them guide you with a steady, solid, consistent plan to help your dog understand exactly what you need them to do to be safe and happy.


Each dog needs to be addressed separately and uniquely, just like with human therapy.  There isn’t just one fix for all dogs.  So before you go down the “we have tried everything” route, instead, find a good behaviorist to guide you with a steady plan.


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