When your dog is sick

These are all the shots I have to administer. ūüôĀ


Kompis had a routine annual check up last Thursday. ¬†Blue Sparrow Holistic Vets took blood & urine samples. ¬†My only concern I had reported was that I had noticed she was slowing down and her back legs weren’t operating well. ¬†Dr. Araba¬†prescribed glucosamine to start and then more supplements to come after a couple weeks once¬†we saw¬†how she did on that.


The urine sample came back diluted and with some bacteria, so she was prescribed antibiotics on Monday.  Her blood panel showed the typical elevated liver numbers, but nothing more.


She slowly stopped wanting to eat.


We started famotidine (Pepcid A/C) and then Cerenia (anti-nausea meds) yesterday.


Today, she could hardly walk and was drooling heavily… something I’ve never seen her do before.


So, I rushed her to Seven Hills Vets. ¬†They were closed for a couple hours, but they’ve been my vet for decades, and they made an exception for an emergency visit.

When your dog is sick

Kompis is miserable.


They administered subcutaneous fluids, and gave her an injection of¬†anti-nausea meds. ¬† Then, they had ME give her an injection of pain meds to make sure I would be able to do it later. ¬† I am not cut out for veterinary work. ¬†I can’t stand to see animals in pain, especially ones I love. ¬†So, this was beyond hard for me.


But I gave her the injection, and then I¬†announced¬†“I’m going to pass out” and began¬†crying.


The amount of stress taking care of a hurting, sick animal is unreal. ¬†You don’t know what’s really wrong, how much they hurt and often, even where they hurt. ¬† Watching my baby suffer is the worst torture I can endure. ¬†I’d rather cut off my own arm than watch Kompis hurting.


But, just as with children, our jobs as dog parents is to stay calm and be strong. ¬†We have to convey to them that all will be OK. So, that’s what I’m doing.


I’m monitoring her closely for the next 24 hours. If she doesn’t improve by nightfall, it’s off to the ER.


I can use your help… your good thoughts, your prayers and whatever else you do to send good luck and wish for good outcomes.


Thank you Dr. Knobel of Seven Hills for interrupting your day to help my best friend.

And thanks to Dr. Araba & the Blue Sparrow Holistic team for their support and for getting meds & records out as needed.


When your dog is sick at Seven Hills VetsKompis had the whole team preparing her meds and looking up dosages.