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Why Daycare Matters

You’ve seen the eye rolls and heard the comments from friends when you mention that your dog goes to doggie day care every day.  They all but come out and say, “Are you crazy!?” but since they’re good friends they bite their tongues and just snicker when you’re out of ear shot.   Sure, some of these friends are the same people who put their two-legged kid on a wait list for that “special” human day care facility before they even had a kid, but you sending your furry child to day care is a no-no.  Let’s compare 5 reasons human kids go to day care with reasons for dogs going to doggie day care:





Every human parent wants to avoid being the parent of the kid who can’t share, has temper tantrums and bites when he or she doesn’t get what they want.


Do we really need to even explain the similarity here?  Every pet parent wants to be able to go to the dog park and walk down the street with a relaxed and happy dog.  Do non-pet parents think this happens all by itself?  Just like human kids need socialization to be happy and adjusted, so do dogs, and this is especially true for dogs that don’t like other dogs!  There is so much more to doggie day care then a mosh pit of dogs frolicking about.  Lastly, and it shouldn’t be forgotten, while a 3-year-old biting hurts and might leave an imprint on your skin, a dog bite can do a lot more harm.

New Environments

Confidence: children need to be exposed to new places to develop confidence.Pet parents know that exposing their dog to new environments and stimuli in a safe and loving manner not only provides confidence, it can be a life saver!  A scared or spooked dog is more likely to bite or run.  While your human kid might seek shelter behind you when spooked, your 4-legged kid could actually end up in the shelter.

Listening to Others

Every parent knows that their human kid listens to them differently then they listen to others.  Sometimes this means your child behaves better for a teacher or coach then for you, while sometimes it means that only you can get your child to do something they don’t want to do.  Exposing them to others allows them to learn how to behave when someone else is “in charge.”No pet parent can be everywhere or see everything when out with their dog.  Having a dog that has been handled by others makes it way more likely that if someone else needs your dog to do something (like not jump on them, or run into a street, or drop whatever it is they just picked up) your dog will actually do it.

Parental Vacation

Every parent needs a break!  Sometimes you just need a few hours to yourself, to get some errands done, clean the house, or if your child is really young to just take a shower or a nap.  Human day care provides that parental vacation.Pretty much the same here.  Your dog needs you!  They need you to feed them, play with them, be with them – but sometimes you need to do something else (going to work for instance) or be somewhere that is not pet friendly (very sad indeed).  Doggie day care allows you to do this without feeling even a tinge of guilt.

Protect the Sofa

Sure, magic marker on the wall or sofa is a drag.  Yup, touching up the wall or getting out the stain remover is a pain, time consuming and makes you rethink that third glass of wine on that special night, but the wall and the sofa remain usable.Don’t even ask about what a dog can do when left alone for just a few minutes.  Baseboards – gone!  Door jams – gone.  Just think about all the painting time you just saved!  And as for that sofa you had a few minutes ago?  What sofa?


So let them roll their eyes, snicker and who knows what else; at least you don’t have to start a college savings plan for your dog, and after a long day of day of work your dog is happy to see you and never complains about their day.


About our guest blogger:

Mark Klaiman is the Senior Camp Counselor at Pet Camp. Learn more about Pet Camp’s dog boarding & daycare facility on their website, and stay up to date on news & events on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.