Why Dogs Should Always Wear a Collar

Why Dogs Should Always Wear Collar


Pets Should Always Wear A Collar – Even With Today’s Technology


One of the most obvious reasons why dogs should always wear a collar is for identification purposes since it makes the most efficient place to hang an ID tag. But with the advent of such things as the insertion of a microchip, some animal owners are foregoing yesterday’s tradition and opting instead to lose the collar concept altogether and instead rely on today’s technology.


But the insertion of a microchip has been coming under fire recently and some sources are touting risks from health issues that could lead to infections, adverse reactions or even death, especially among younger and smaller animals. Other concerns with microchipping include faulty registration practices, sketchy computer venues or chip vendors who either go out of business or don’t update their information.


[Editor’s (The Pooch Coach) note: I have not heard of any harm coming from microchips. I actually feel they are important because when people steal dogs, they immediately take the collar off and then there’s no way to identify the dog without having a microchip. Sadly, we have had a good number dognapping’s in the SF Bay Area. If you’re in a safe area perhaps it would be OK to skip the microchip, but still a dog collar has been known to come off (they can get stuck on a bush or something). Tags also fall off, and even fade to the point of not being able to read them.]


Why Dogs Should Always Wear Collar

Musik’s collar has my address and phone number, as well as a friend’s phone number for back up, in case I’m injured or unreachable.



An animal with a collar shows anyone, whether it’s a good samaritan or a local authority figure that comes across a lost pet, this proves a temporarily misplaced critter actually belongs to someone. A collar gives immediate and undeniable proof of love and ownership – that this animal isn’t simply a stray.


Belling The Cat


An old Aesop fable reminds us of a group of mice than conspired to hang a bell around a cat’s neck to warn this group of rodents about the approach of their mortal enemy. But many humans also place this type of deterrent on a feline’s collar to protect seemingly innocent birds from one of nature’s most skilled hunters. Pet owners should look at this from a completely different perspective, “belling the cat” is actually protecting the feline in question from a dangerous type of flighty prey, instead of the other way around.


Bird removal experts warn potential clients about the dangers associated with these seemingly harmless creatures. Birds are often referred to as “nuisance animals” because of the many diseases they carry and annoyance they cause to the general public at large. Because of this, birds could be poisoned since they carry unwanted diseases and these hazards are passed onto a cat who may consume this prey and put them in the same kind of jeopardy.


Why Dogs Should Always Wear a Collar


Better Technology


Aside from old fairy tales and microchip technology that’s becoming troublesome and at risk of being outdated, there’s better science available to protect our pets. With the rise of smartphones and the use of GPS technology today, we can now place a device on our animal’s collar that shows us their location.


We don’t have to rely on antiquated microchip technology coming with possible unwanted health risks when we can hang a device on our pet’s collar that can track them in real time. Instead of reaching out to a vendor, waiting for a reply when our pet is missing or stolen, we have the information right in the palm of our hands.


We always want what’s best for our beloved four-legged friends and although a collar may seem a bit antiquated or outdated, it still serves a valuable purpose. Think of something you might wear everyday, like a watch or necklace, or especially our irreplaceable smartphones and other handheld devices. Any of these are still something we never leave the house without taking with us and we should afford this same type of safety and protection for our pets.


Why Dogs Should Always Wear Collar

Collars come in all sorts of sizes, materials, and colors.  Have fun choosing one for your pet!  You can even avoid the jingle of the tag by getting a collar with your dog’s name & number sewn into it like The Pooch Coach collar above.


We hope we’ve helped convince you Why Dogs Should Always Wear a Collar!


[Editor’s Note:  The video below explains how your dog’s collar & ID are useless if other people can’t read them!  Here’s how to make sure your dog will allow themselves to be handled if they are lost:]



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