Amelia looks to be another Formosan Mountain Dog.  As is typical with the breed, she is a mix of anxious, shy and aggressive. She was recently rescued at 3 years old from a home where she had been on Prozac, but continued getting more aggressive, so they gave her up.
Medicating dogs. Formosan Mountain Dog

Medication like Prozac & Xanax for dogs can be a dangerous and slippery slope.


First of all, just like with humans, we need to get to the source of the issue.  There is no such thing as a “happy pill” that will make our problems go away.  And taking meds to numb us so we don’t feel our emotions is also not getting to the root of the issue.


It’s no different with dogs.  I keep seeing dogs who have been put on medication, only to get worse since their issues are not being addressed.  I have, in a few instances, used medication to help a dog more easily get through a rough rehab, since sometimes medication can calm down a dog enough so that he can work through his fears more quickly and easily.  But I always try training and increased physical and mental exercise before throwing drugs at the problem.  I believe medication should be introduced when we’re not seeing the effects that training should have, and we determine the dog needs additional help.


For some dogs, a sedative can also be used for short terms issues like getting through a plane flight.  But, even then I advise my clients to test the medication well before going on your trip, just in case he has an adverse reaction. You don’t want your dog to be 30,000 feet above the ground before you discover that Xanax actually makes them more hyper, or nauseous, etc.


So, please use medication on your dog with caution, and make sure you’ve tried other alternatives and are working on the root of the issue and not trying for a quick fix that will almost undoubtedly fail.


medicating dogs

These were just some of the ridiculous amount of drugs I was given for my senior dog when she got out of the E.R. (with no diagnosis!).


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