Coronavirus (COVID-19) Shelter in Place Hours



We know these are tough times, not only for you, but for your dog. Here’s what we can do to help:


1. If you have an appointment already scheduled:
We can still conduct your training appointment or consultation via phone or, if it’s best to meet in person, we can meet existing clients at a park to conduct a lesson. Once we have an initial phone consult with a new client, we can meet in person (at a park) at our next lesson.


2. If you’d like to have an appointment soon.
We can conduct your appointment via phone and I can give you some new work and then send you a follow up email, as usual. I do have to limit my hours as well as my exposure time, so please be considerate.  I will do my best to accommodate everyone’s needs, so please be patient!


Priority will be given to existing clients and emergencies.





We have been posting ideas of things to do with your dog on our Facebook page and blog, so please take advantage of that.


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Check out our over 20 blog posts with tips and challenges for the shelter in place: Covid SIP tips




Final Note – It is critical that your dog gets walked EVERY DAY!  Stressful times require more exercise, not less. If you cannot go out, then ask a neighbor or a friend to help out.  There are hundreds of people who can’t have a dog due to work & travel, and therefore would love to help while there is idle time.


Here is some more info on walking your dog every day.


Take care and stay healthy!!

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Shelter in Place Hours

We are open, but staying safe!

The Pooch Coach