How accurate are dog DNA tests?  We tested them ourselves.

dog DNA tests

Musik is a full purebred Mini Schnauzer!


Earlier this year, I saw this report on TV.  A mixed breed dog’s DNA was sent to the 3 major companies, and they all came back with very different results (see pic). So this pretty much proves they aren’t accurate!



My final test came when I recently sent in my purebred Miniature Schnauzer’s (Musik) DNA for testing.  It should have come back 100% Mini Schnauzer, with maybe a 1-2% Australian Shepherd, since her great grandparent was mixed in with one to get the Merle gene into her line.


Here’s her paperwork proving purebred:


dog dna tests

Musik’s Purebred Certificate


Here are her results from the Wisdom Panel:


dog dna tests

The results are in. Close, but not close enough to call it accurate!!


The results were 25% incorrect, and that 25% piece was ridiculously broad and generic on top of it!  I’m not very surprised, seeing as, in the past, I’ve had clients get results of “beagle” for dogs who looked like golden retrievers. They have since gotten a little better, but some are also requesting pictures, which means they can “cheat”.


I also wonder why people are so obsessed with determining their dog’s breed.  They are willing to adopt a rescue, but then they need to know what breed(s) they are.  Let me assure you that, from a training and behavior standpoint, breed really doesn’t matter much.  From a lifestyle perspective, breed does have more of an impact (needs lots of exercise, sheds, can’t handle heat or cold, etc.)


Breeds for dogs are like nationalities for people – they might look similar, but they are all unique and have varying skill sets and (psychological) issues.  For more on “Does Breed Matter?”, see this article.


dog dna tests

ALL breeds can be trained to do basic commands and tasks!


The good news is your dog is unique, adorable, and loved!  Breed is such an insignificant part of your relationship.  After all, they love us no matter what nationality or color we are…  Don’t you think we should do the same for them in return?